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Η Κωνσταντίνα Ντιναπόγια είναι χορεύτρια στo ΔΗ.ΠΕ.ΘΕ Πάτρας και μέλος του Διαπολιτισμικού Χορού της Εθνικής Λυρικής Σκηνής (2021-2023). Αποφοίτησε από τη Θεατρικών Σπουδών ( Πανεπιστημίου Πατρών ) και την Ανώτερη Επαγγελματική Σχολή Χορού - DANÇartE. Σπούδασε με υποτροφία Χορογραφία, Performance στη Companhia Instavel (Porto, Portugal). Σκηνοθέτησε και χορογράφησε : "404 Permission Not Found" (Ανοιχτό Θέατρο Κολωνού, αιγίδα ΟΠΑΝΔΑ), "#COVereD20 Documentary" (Museum Nogueira da Silva, Braga), "chrOMO SAPIENS" (Ås, Νορβηγία), "#COVereD" ( SILVER AWARD-Film Olympiad, AVDP12, Cine AB/Technopolis of Athens, Cine Kalisperitis/Κίμωλος, Petit Paris d' Athenes ) ενώ συμμετείχε στα "Back to Normality" της Όλγας Σπυράκη, "Υπο|Μονη", "Corona Party" κ.α.

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Konstantina Ntinapogia is a dancer at the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras and member of the Intercultural Dance of the National Opera (2021-2023). She graduated from the Department of Theater Studies, University of Patras and the Higher Professional School of Dance - DANÇartE. She studied, with a scholarship, Choreography & Performance at Companhia Instavel (Porto, Portugal). Konstantina directed and choreographed: "404 Permission Not Found" (Open Theater of Colonus, under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens), "#COVereD20 Documentary" (Museum Nogueira da Silva, Braga), "chrOMO SAPIENS" (Ås, Norway), "#COVereD" (SILVER AWARD-Film Olympiad, AVDP12, Cine AB/Technopolis of Athens, Cine Kalisperitis/Kimolos Island, Petit Paris d' Athenes) and participated in "Back to Normality by Olga Spiraki", "Ypo|Moni", "Corona Party" etc.




Experimental Category // Film Olympiad Competition

15 Video Dance works about pandemic

Direction & Choreography: Konstantina Ntinapogia 

Production: Portugal & Greece

Ward No.6 by Konstantina Ntinapogia

Password: 2023

An experimental Cine Dance based on "Ward No.6" of Anton Chekhov.

Α doctor finds himself being a patient in his own hospital, encountering the nightmarish conditions in it. Based on the homonymous 1892 novella by Anton Chekhov.

Filmmaker: Konstantina Ntinapogia 

A.D:  Ioannis Makro

Producer/Dancer: Konstantina Ntinapogia 

Cinematography: Akis Valergakis

Andrei Efimich (Doctor), Nikita (Guard) Voices: Dimos Filippas

Music: Dasha Rush-Outer Space

Editing: Ioannis MakroSound 

Recording: Spyros Kolaitis

Special Thanks: Athens Senior Care VoulaS-Lab Studio

Panagiota Ntinapogia

Annathalia Karampela

  • Remember, Body...


Music/Band: Lost Bodies

Direction/Choreography/Dance: Konstantina Ntinapogia

Shooting: Marilena Dionysopoulou

Montage: Konstantina Ntinapogia & Ioannis Makropoulos

Artifactory and its partners, Ås Art & Music School of the Municipality of Ås in Norway and Baumstrasse - Δρόμος με Δέντρα.

Participation with my performance " chrOMO SAPIENS" and Moderator of the Exhibition. 

2-4.09.21, Kypseli Municipal Market, Athens 

25.09.21, Ås, Norway  

The performance Υpo|Moni is part of the bigger 404 Permission Not Found project on gender-based violence. This piece focuses on rivalry between women.

OPANDA, Municipality of Athens

Colonus Open Theatre

Porto, Portugal | Patra, Greece | Video dance 

"Be my Quarantine" Exhibition 

Space Transcribers team 

Museu Nogueira da Silva, Braga Portugal 

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